In the Field

Our outreach team works inside and outside the building to capture stories of science, innovation, and industry.
Behind the Scenes

Our museum team works to make our world-class collections accessible to researchers and the public.
A Convivial Workplace

Every Tuesday afternoon the Institute staff gather for tea and biscuits (or “T&B”), a tradition started by our British founder, Arnold Thackray.
State-of-the-Art Resources

Historical treasures meet cutting-edge technology in our digitization initiatives, making our collections even more accessible to the world.
Research and Fellowships

The Science History Institute is home to dozens of scholars; conducting and sharing research sits at the core of our mission.

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Careers and Fellowships

Exciting opportunities, exceptional people, and an extraordinary environment.

Our diverse staff and scholars come from around the world. Together, we collect, preserve, and exhibit historical artifacts; engage communities of scientists and engineers; and tell the stories of the people behind breakthroughs and innovations. Through our exhibitions, public programs, and conferences and symposia, we foster a dialogue about science and technology in society.

The Science History Institute is located in the heart of beautiful and historic Old City and Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. Our beautiful facilities include a public museum, a research library, archival storage, research and preservation facilities, and a conference center.

Our staff and scholars enjoy a great working environment and rich opportunities to learn, engage, and make a difference. Learn more about life at the Institute and available fellowships and professional opportunities!