Medical Gross Out

Today’s show will have your skin crawling...literally.

Episode 107 | October 29, 2010

Episode 107: Medical Gross Out by Distillations Podcast

Today’s show will have your skin crawling… literally. In honor of Halloween we bring you a show revealing a scarier (and squirmier) side of science. First we look at a non-traditional kind of farm—one that exists for forensic anthropologists to harvest dead bodies. Next up, former Distillations host Robert Hicks and his pet leeches demonstrate the creatures’ surprising military history. Finally, we look at a cost-effective treatment for ridding the body of dead tissue: maggots.

Special thanks to Margaret E. Wood, our former editorial assistant, for researching this show.

Show Clock

00:00 Opening Credits
00:27 Introduction
00:54 Forensic Anthropology
04:06 A Conversation with Robert Hicks and his leeches
11:47 Maggots
14:39 Closing Credits


Music on this week’s episode from Music Alley. Music includes “Halloween,” by CART!, “Churchyard - Halloween 7,” “Restless Spirits - Halloween 1,” and “Restless Spirits - Beat C - Halloween 5,” by Film Composer - David Beard, and “Halloween,” by The Coffinshakers.