Be a Historian!

Philadelphia Science Festival
Sunday, April 28, 2019
2:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.
American Philosophical Society
104 South Fifth Street | Philosophical Hall
Philadelphia, PA
United States

This free event is part of the Philadelphia Science Festival taking place April 26 through May 4.


Jan Uytenbogaert: The Gold Weigher

Jan Uytenbogaert: The Gold Weigher, ca. 1760–1790 by William Baillie.

Science History Institute

Join us for exclusive insider access as Philly’s premier research institutions, hospitals, universities, and museums open their doors to the “labs” of local paleontologists, marine biologists, ecologists, and more!

Are you an undergraduate or a graduate student looking for a way to mix history and science? Are you curious about ongoing research and changes in the fields of science history? Come spend an afternoon at the American Philosophical Society finding out what it takes to be a historian of science. Through storytelling, hands-on exploration, and lively conversation, you’ll learn about current research and get at the heart of why the history of science matters.

The Philadelphia Science Festival is a communitywide celebration of science, featuring lectures, debates, hands-on activities, special exhibitions, and a variety of other informal science education experiences for Philadelphians of all ages.