Varsity Tutors: Recreating London Water

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Thursday, October 28, 2021
4:00 p.m.–4:45 p.m. EDT (UTC -4)

Join us for a Varsity Tutors virtual class to learn how a chemical company created London city water for the king and queen’s White House visit.


Telegram from the White House to Betz 1939

Telegram from the White House to W.H. and L.D. Betz requesting more of the London City water the chemical company created for the king and queen of England’s visit, 1939.

Science History Institute

In June 1939, the king and queen of England began a North American tour. With a scheduled visit to the White House, Philadelphia-based chemical company W.H. and L.D. Betz wrote to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt offering to recreate London city water for the royals to use in their tea. The company used water from the Schuylkill River to synthesize the London water.

Nyomi Gonzalez, the Institute’s education and interpretation specialist, will lead this virtual class hosted by Varsity Tutors. Students will hear the story of “London Water,” investigate the political implications of the royal visit, and practice their observation skills with a water-based scientific experiment.

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