Science on Tap Untapped at Home Netflix Party: “National Treasure”

Science on Tap
Monday, April 27, 2020
7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.
Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)
United States

For this special Untapped series Science on Tap will host a weekly movie screening via Netflix Party, featuring live chat with experts.

Hey, we miss you, too! Break up your quaran-routine with this special Untapped series. During the month of April, Science on Tap will host a weekly movie screening with Netflix Party. Guests can talk to our Science on Tap experts through the chat function, asking questions in real time and learning more about the myths and misrepresentations in some of our favorite movies.

Invite your housemates, and join us for this social-distancing Science on Tap. If you have a Netflix account and a home computer, you can join our party! This is a free event, but preregistration is required as Netflix Party limits the number of guests for each session.

How to Access Netflix Party

All preregistered guests will be sent the link to the event’s Netflix Party prior to the event start time. Make sure to download the Netflix Party extension for Google Chrome. You can learn more about Netflix Party and how to set it up on your computer at

Featured Movie

National Treasure (R)
Historian and code-breaker Ben Gates has been searching his whole life for a rumored treasure dating back to the creation of the United States. Joining an expedition led by fellow treasure hunter Ian Howe, Gates finds an ice-locked colonial ship in the Arctic Circle that contains a clue linking the treasure to the Declaration of Independence. But when Howe betrays him, Gates has to race to get to the document ahead of his so-called colleague.

Meet Our Experts: Janine Boldt and Emily Margolis

Janine Yorimoto Boldt is the 2018–2020 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow at the American Philosophical Society Library and Museum. She is the lead curator of the 2020 exhibition Dr. Franklin, Citizen Scientist and was cocurator of Mapping a Nation: Shaping the Early American Republic. She received her PhD in American studies from the College of William and Mary in 2018 and specializes in the study of colonial portraiture.

Emily A. Margolis is a cultural historian of spaceflight and a Science on Tap veteran. Fans may remember her stellar January 2020 talk, Launching Space Camp. As Mellon Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow (2019–2021) at the American Philosophical Society, Emily is cocurator of the upcoming exhibition Dr. Franklin, Citizen Scientist. She earned her PhD in the history of science and technology from Johns Hopkins University in 2019.