It Came from Below: Spooky Science Stories from (Down)stream

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
7:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. EDT (UTC -4)

Learn how water’s pivotal role as a shared resource affects our livelihoods and has helped make it an enduring part of our stories.


Ad for Dow Magnesium 1941

Detail of From the Sea...A New and More Useful Treasure!, a Dow Chemical Company advertisement for magnesium alloys that explains how the element is extracted from seawater, 1941.

Science History Institute

From scurvy on the seven seas to dynamite and cannons meant to control the rains, water plays a starring role in some of our strangest and most compelling true stories. But what about the myths, legends, and superstitions that bring us dangerous creatures and angry waves? Is that winding river really full of secrets? Is the salty ocean truly as mysterious as it seems?

Join Distillations podcast cohosts Lisa Berry Drago and Alexis Pedrick as they spin a few spooky yarns and talk about why this shared resource is such a big part of our folklore.

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