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Apply for a Fellowship

The Science History Institute offers a variety of fellowships, many of which require separate application processes. Here you will find information about applying for Beckman Center fellowships and Othmer Library travel grants.

Beckman Center Fellowships

Submissions for 2021–2022/2023 fellowships will be accepted in the fall of 2020, due in early 2021.

Beckman Center fellowships applications must be submitted via our online application form and include the following documents:

  • cover letter (two pages maximum);
  • research proposal (three pages maximum);
  • CV (four pages maximum);
  • one piece of sample work (e.g., an extract from a published paper, dissertation chapter, master’s thesis) of not more than 10,000 words; and
  • contact details of two referees

Candidates for the 80/20 fellowships will also need to submit answers to the following supplementary questions on the application form (300 words or less for each):

  • What skills are you interested in developing during your fellowship, and why?
  • What relevant experience do you have with respect to the engagement component (20%) of the fellowship?

If you have only a little relevant experience, describe the kinds of work, service, or organizational experience, whether inside or outside an academic setting, that you might not ordinarily emphasize on an academic CV.

Keep in mind that

  • you may not apply for multiple kinds of fellowships at the same time; the online form will allow you to indicate which type of fellowship you are applying for.
  • your referees will be sent an email asking them to upload a letter of reference; letters are due within two weeks of the application deadline.
  • if applying for a short-term fellowship, you must indicate how many months you wish to be in residence at the Science History Institute (1 to 4 months).

You will receive a confirmation email on submitting your application. After the deadline completed applications will be assessed by an independent review committee consisting of an international panel of five leading scholars. All candidates will be notified of the outcome of the review by the end of April.

Candidates are strongly advised to read the Guide for Applicants carefully before preparing an application.

Travel Grants

There is no deadline for travel grant applications. Travel grant applications can be submitted at any time and are assessed by an internal review committee on a rolling basis until funding for that fiscal year has been exhausted. Please allow two weeks for notification of the committee’s decision.

Travel grant applicants must reside more than 75 miles from Philadelphia to be eligible. No more than one travel grant per person per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) can be awarded. Grants must be taken within one year of the award or the grantee must request an extension or reapply.

A travel grant application must contain

  • a research proposal that also details how the applicant will make use of the Science History Institute’s collections (one page);
  • a curriculum vitae (up to three pages); and
  • one reference letter

Travel grant applications must be submitted via our online application form.