History Lab

Join us each summer for History Lab, a series of free monthly seminars hosted by the Institute’s Center for Applied History. We’ll explore big questions from science and history that have immediate, real-world implications.

Audiences are invited to share in our scientific and historical conversations. We use primary sources from the Institute, such as oral histories or part of our collections, to illuminate our discussions and showcase ongoing research to broaden perspectives and learn from one another.

Summer 2019 Series
The Summer 2019 History Lab series was inspired by the Science and Disability project, an ongoing program that aims to study how the history, cultures, and institutions of science have participated in the construction of disability experiences. Using oral histories, it documents the lives and contributions of people with disabilities who have pursued careers in STEM, from graduate school to retirement.

Science is an important part of modern life; it solves big problems and deeply affects our everyday lives. And yet, many people remain excluded from full participation. We have a lot of assumptions about disability and its place in modern science, but are those assumptions grounded in truth? What do we lose by making science a place where only the able-bodied can participate?

We’re Working to Make Our Programming Accessible
Each session of History Lab will have ASL interpretation and closed-caption technology for presentations. Please contact Zack Biro at zbiro@sciencehistory.org if you need accessible parking or other accommodations.

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