ChemistryViews: IUPAC 2019 in Paris

A presentation by Science History Institute President Robert Anderson is featured in this recap of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry’s annual meeting.

The 50th General Assembly and 47th World Chemical Congress of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) took place in Paris, France, July 5–12, 2019. More than 2,400 participants from 67 countries took the opportunity to celebrate IUPAC’s 100th anniversary, 150 years of the periodic table of the elements, and to take part in a conference program merging all facets of chemistry. Robert G. W. Anderson, president and CEO of the Science History Institute, gave an insight into his work and the rich history of IUPAC:

“To decide what to preserve and what not to preserve is a challenge. But to study the past means to understand the present and inform the future. Science curators, thus, have to ensure that significant objects are preserved for the future, even if their importance is not generally appreciated at the time. It is a highly responsible job, because what is not acquired is usually discarded, and most of it disappears without a trace.”

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