Philadelphia Inquirer: Chemical Heritage Foundation Is Morphing into the Science History Institute

The name change and evolving programming reflect the result of the 2015 merger with the Life Sciences Foundation on the West Coast.


Excerpted from an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, by Stephan Salisbury.

After two years of consideration, the Chemical Heritage Foundation will change its name and expand its programming to better reflect its 2015 merger with the Life Sciences Foundation in San Francisco.

The new name—the Science History Institute—will take effect February 1, said Robert G.W. Anderson, president of the organization.

Officials at the foundation, perhaps best known publicly for its quirky museum in the 300 block of Chestnut Street, said the merger amounts to a sensible approach to presenting the chemical and biological sciences to a broad audience.

“It is very difficult to draw boundaries between chemical and life sciences” given the current state of scientific and technological inquiry, Anderson said. “They do very much merge.”

The merged organization, which has been known as the Chemical Heritage Foundation, is headquartered in Philadelphia. Because the Life Sciences Foundation was focused on the history of biotech, “Chemical Heritage” was believed to be too constrictive a name for the expanded institute.

The merged organization embraces the life sciences and biotechnology along with the history of the chemical sciences and engineering.

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January 3, 2018