Nature: Celebrate the Women behind the Periodic Table

The Institute’s Brigitte Van Tiggelen is cowriter of this feature spotlighting female researchers who discovered elements and their properties.

Here we spotlight some of the women who revolutionized our understanding of the elements. Marie Curie is the most celebrated, for her double Nobel-prizewinning research on radioactivity and for discovering polonium and radium. Stories of other women’s roles are scarce. So, too, is an appreciation of the skills required, including tenacity and diligence in performing experiments, sifting through data and reassessing theories.

Excerpted from an article in the January 28, 2019, issue of Nature: The International Journal of Science.

Photo credit: German chemist Ida Noddack left industry to hunt for missing elements and co-discovered rhenium. KU Leuven University Archives


January 29, 2019