Physics Today: Six Podcasts for Science Lovers

The Distillations podcast is included on the publication’s short list, praising the long-running series as telling “in-depth and fascinating stories from the history of science.”

The Science History Institute’s long-running podcast tells in-depth and fascinating stories from the history of science, stories that often have implications for major controversies going on today. One recent episode discusses the 1988 patent for OncoMouse, a mouse genetically predisposed to develop cancer. The hosts use OncoMouse’s story to explore questions about the scientific, legal, and moral implications of patenting living organisms. Distillations also produces multiepisode investigations, such as its timely and moving three-part spotlight on the history of opioid treatment. The podcast skillfully mixes interviews, historical audio clips, and voice-overs from the hosts and reporters; if you prefer NPR-style storytelling over long interviews or loosely structured chats, Distillations is for you.

Excerpted from an article in Physics Today.


February 20, 2019