Philly: This Project is Tracking the Oral History of STEM Researchers with Disabilities

Going into its third year, Science and Disability looks to bring visibility to an often-overlooked group. Get a primer on the project this Saturday at an event titled “Stories of Disability in the Lab.”

For families with heritage in a specific trade (like fourth-generation bakers, or third-generation police officers), it was likely representation that kept the tradition going. Kids who grow up seeing their parents in a specific role often want to emulate them.

But what if you can’t find any role models that look like you? In an effort to help bridge that gap for people with disabilities, and to shine a light on the work of STEM researchers with disabilities, the Science History Institute is on the third year of a project called Science and Disability.

Out of the Old City organization’s Center for Oral History, the project looks to document “the lives and contributions of people with disabilities who work or are currently obtaining an advanced degree in STEM fields.”

“We’re actively looking for people to contribute their oral history,” said Jessica Martucci, a Science History Institute research fellow working on the project.

Excerpted from an article on Philly by Roberto Torres. Read the full article here.


September 6, 2018