UCLA Daily Bruin: Panelists Discuss Challenges Caused by Use of Rare Earth Elements

The Science History Institute hosted a thought-provoking panel in LA featuring leading industry experts.

“Rare Earth Elements: The Intersection of Science and Society” brought together scientists and academics to discuss the political and environmental challenges caused by the usage of rare earth elements that not many people may have heard of, such as cerium, at the Hudson Loft in Downtown Los Angeles. “The lack of public knowledge of these elements can lead to misconceptions about them,” said Roger Turner, a Science History Institute research fellow who helped organize the event.

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Above, left to right: Panel moderator Ira Flatow, host of NPR’s Science Friday; Julie Michelle Klinger, geographer, author, and assistant professor of international relations, Boston University; Eric J. Schelter, professor of chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, and director, Center for the Sustainable Separations of Metals; and Gwendolyn Bailey, PhD candidate, KU Leuven University, Belgium. Photo by Kanishka Mehra/UCLA Daily Bruin.


September 26, 2019