WHYY: New Philly Exhibit Celebrates Lives, Contributions of Scientists with Disabilities

Research fellow Jessica Martucci talks about the Institute’s new exhibition.

Science and Disability is on display in our museum’s ExhibitLab space.

Enter the Science History Institute, in Philadelphia’s Old City, and you’re greeted by a stack of papers patterned with Braille. They’re pamphlets for the museum’s new exhibit, which explores science and disability.

“The museum as a whole has been really trying to think about issues of access,” said Jessica Martucci, a research fellow. “And so with this exhibit we really wanted to think about, ‘How can we introduce more tactile aspects into the stuff that we’re doing?’”

The exhibit is part of an ongoing project, in which researchers at the museum have been collecting oral histories from scientists with disabilities. Too often, these stories have been neglected, or rendered invisible, said Martucci, who co-leads the project.

Excerpted from an article on WHYY.org.

Photo: Chemist John Dalton, pictured above in the Institute’s Science and Disability ExhibitLab, noticed his inability to distinguish between red and green and created a color blindness test. (Steph Yin/WHYY)


May 29, 2019