Have you ever wondered how plastics are made or where crayons get their colors? Do you want to find out how the DNA code was cracked or how we can measure oxygen on Mars? Explore with us!

The Othmer Library of Chemical History collects, preserves, and makes accessible materials relating to the history of science, technology, and medicine, with an emphasis on chemistry and chemical engineering from ancient to modern times.

Through work in oral history and applied history, Institute for Research staff and fellows capture history in the making and make it relevant for contemporary conversations.

The Roy Eddleman Institute brings chemistry to a broad audience through public programs, print and web-based publications, and educational materials. The Eddleman Institute also operates our museum.

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Who We Are

The Science History Institute is a multifaceted nonprofit organization. Our rapidly expanding collections and archives preserve scientific and technological artifacts of historic importance. The Institute’s museum and Othmer Library make these works readily available to the scientifically curious public and scientists alike. Distillations media—our magazine, blog, podcast, and videos—tell compelling stories at the heart of science and society. Meanwhile, our Institute for Research and Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry offer exceptional opportunities for academic scholarship. And our conference center is an elegant venue for creating unforgettable occasions. Headquartered in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic Old City neighborhood, the Institute is dedicated to making our scientific past present.