COVID-19 Web Archive

NIAID-RML/Wikimedia Commons

The Science History Institute is collecting web content that documents the lived experience of those living in Philadelphia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are specifically seeking content that documents:

  1. How non-pharmaceutical mitigation strategies such as social distancing were defined and enforced in Philadelphia
  2. How the urban healthcare system in Philadelphia was strained and expanded in the face of this crisis
  3. How information about the virus was circulated to the public in Philadelphia

With the assistance of Philadelphia communities affected by this virus, we will gather and evaluate web content that documents their experience. Selected web content will be preserved and made publicly accessible on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine as a resource for the future, so that we may better understand the lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic in Philadelphia.

Please submit your nominations as soon as possible as content selection will occur on a rolling basis.

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