Happy Accidents
Photo of Karl Link in a lab

The Lifesaving Rat Poison

Distillations Podcast
Bust of pekin man

Parking Lot or Peking Lot?

Distillations Podcast

Fizzy Water

Distillations Video
Nitrous oxide party

High Times

Distillations Article
Alexander Fleming, holding a petri dish.

Alexander Fleming

Historical Profile
A photograph that William Henry Perkin took of himself at the age of 14—four years before he discovered the first synthetic dyestuff.

William Henry Perkin

Historical Profile
Percy Julian.

Percy Lavon Julian

Historical Profile
Roy J. Plunkett with a cable insulated with Teflon and a Teflon-coated muffin tin.

Roy J. Plunkett

Historical Profile
Stephanie Kwolek at a polarizing microscope.

Stephanie L. Kwolek

Historical Profile