Winthrop-Sears Medal

The Winthrop-Sears Medal was established in 1970 by The Chemists’ Club to recognize individuals who, by their entrepreneurial action, have contributed to the vitality of the chemical industry and the betterment of humanity.

Named in honor of two of colonial America’s earliest chemical entrepreneurs, John Winthrop Jr. and John Sears, the medal was given out from 2003 to 2010.

Winners of the Winthrop-Sears Medal

For a full list of winners of the Winthrop-Sears Medal going back to 1970, visit The Chemists’ Club’s website.

About The Chemists’ Club

Founded more than 100 years ago, The Chemists’ Club’s mission is both professional and social. It provides networking opportunities for members to mix and meet with others who share interests in chemical, paper, pharmaceuticals, metals, biotech, and similar industries. Members include chemists, chemical industry management, formulators, security analysts, attorneys, educators, and other professions.