Richard J. Bolte Sr. Award for Supporting Industries

Whether it’s by providing laboratory space, moving freight around the world, or creating software to assist with research, supporting industries make much of the science we rely on possible.

The Richard J. Bolte Sr. Award for Supporting Industries honors those who provide products or services vital to the continuing growth and development of the chemical and molecular sciences community. Created in 2006 and named after the award’s first winner—BDP International founder and chair Richard Bolte—the medal is presented each spring.

2024 Awardee: Kenan Sahin

Kenan E. Sahin wearing glasses mid-nose, navy jacket, white shirt, red and gold tie

The 2024 Richard J. Bolte Sr. Award for Supporting Industries was presented to Kenan E. Sahin during an awards ceremony on May 8 at the Institute in Old City Philadelphia.

Sahin is the founder, president, and CTO of TIAX and CEO of CAMX Power. He is an academic, scientist, inventor, technologist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

In 2002 Sahin founded TIAX, which purchased the lab-based Technology and Innovation (T&I) unit of the fabled Arthur D. Little company. He transformed the TIAX/T&I combination into mature select early-stage technologies in energy to be IP-protected, de-risked, and production-ready for its industry partners to make and sell. In 2014 he spun out certain electromechanical and electrochemistry technologies into a separate company, CAMX.

TIAX products are widely used by the United States Air Force and Navy. Globally patented CAMX cathode chemistry inventions—licensed by Samsung, LG Energy Solution, Umicore, BASF, and others for use in lithium-ion EV batteries—minimize cobalt, increase performance, and reduce costs.

Sahin has been named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Other honors include the New England Business and Technology Circle of Excellence Award, the Golden Door Award by the International Institute of Boston, and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. He has served on the boards of MIT, Argonne National Laboratory, the Boston Symphony, the Museum of Fine Arts, the American Field Service, and others.

Previous Winners of the Bolte Award

  • David C. Jukes (2023)
  • Barry Siadat (2022)
  • Steven Holland (2021)
  • Frederick Frank (2019)
  • W. Graham Richards (2018)
  • Peter Young (2017)
  • Roy Eddleman (2016)
  • Abdulaziz Al-Zamil (2015)
  • Atsushi Horiba (2014)
  • Alan G. Walton (2013)
  • G. Steven Burrill (2012)
  • Lawrence Evans (2011)
  • Berdon Lawrence (2010)
  • David and Alice Schwartz (2009)
  • Jerry Sudarsky (2008)
  • Eugene Garfield (2007)
  • Richard J. Bolte Sr. (2006)


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