Educational Resources

Whether you prefer to read, watch, or listen, we have a wide variety of engaging and trustworthy educational resources for student assignments or research. Check out our Resources by Topic for an overview of what we offer, or choose a type of resource to explore. 

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Resources by Topic

Want to learn more about alchemy, the environment, or women in science? There’s a topic for that.

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Scientific Biographies

Learn about the people behind some of the most significant achievements in the history of chemistry, chemical engineering, and the life sciences.

Online Exhibitions

Available 24/7, our Google Arts & Culture digital stories will take you into the archives, across our collections, and through history.

headshots of 5 scientists

Voices of Science

This oral history project shares the stories of five individuals who have faced personal, professional, and social challenges in their scientific careers.

woman using a computer from 1964

Online Collections

Search more than 13,300 digitized items, including rare books, photos, instruments, letters, advertisements, videos, and more.

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Object Histories

Explore the Institute’s museum and library collections and the stories they tell about the history of science.

Distillations Magazine

Distillations articles reveal science’s powerful impact on our lives, past and present.

Distillations Podcast

Distillations is the Science History Institute’s critically acclaimed flagship podcast.

illustration of a man swimming in the ocean

The Disappearing Spoon Podcast

The Disappearing Spoon is Distillations’ sister podcast, hosted by best-selling author Sam Kean.

National History Day

National History Day is a year-long academic program focused on historical research, interpretation, and creative expression for 6th- to 12th-grade students.

rare earth metals

Rare Earth Elements Project

Explore the historical and contemporary challenges posed by the rare earth metals.


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