vials of powder paint pigmentsvials of powder paint pigments

BOLD: Color from Test Tube to Textile

Take a colorful journey through more than 150 years of synthetic dye-making.

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illustration of superheroes including the Hulk and Spidermanillustration of superheroes including the Hulk and Spiderman

Curators Assemble: Behind the Scenes of ‘Superheroes, Science, and the Environment’

Unmasking how a museum exhibition is made.

magazine ad depicting stockings in a variety of colorsmagazine ad depicting stockings in a variety of colors

Round and Round: Circularity in Fashion

Join experts from Philadelphia’s leading fashion sustainability initiatives for an engaging Science and Society panel talk on the future of circular design.

Thursday, April 18, 2024
6pm–7pm | Lecture
7pm–8pm | Reception

Charcoal drawing of nurse at bedsideCharcoal drawing of nurse at bedside

How the ‘Worst Serial Killer in Holland’s History’ Went Free

Patient after patient died under the care of a single nurse. Why did so many statisticians think she was innocent?

gif of chemist in a lab

We tell the stories behind the science.

The Science History Institute explores lesser-known and overlooked stories from the history of science and technology. We dive deep into the history of scientific successes and failures, with a focus on expanding knowledge and broadening our understanding of how science and society intersect.

Collect. Preserve. Interpret. Share.

Through research, storytelling, public programming, and educational outreach, we reveal how science is embedded in our daily lives.


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