Conferences & Symposia

The Science History Institute hosts a variety of conferences throughout the year, as well as smaller workshops and symposia. Historians, scholars, museum practitioners, scientists, and industry professionals gather to discuss such diverse topics as alchemy, technological innovation, environmentalism, natural history collections, biotechnology, and more.

crowd gathered around posters on easels

Innovation Day

On Innovation Day, emerging and established chemists and chemical engineers from the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) member companies come together in person and virtually for a day of celebrating chemical industry innovations.

Lab glassware in green monochrome

T. T. Chao Symposium on Innovation

This event brings together established and emerging leaders in the technical, entrepreneurial, healthcare, and policy arenas to share innovative ideas that impact our world.

Gordon Cain Conference

The Cain Conference is an annual gathering of scholars in the history of science and related fields. Its organizers are eminent scholars who work with Science History Institute staff to develop a theme of broad contemporary relevance.


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