Synthesis Book Series

Synthesis, a series of books developed by the Science History Institute, seeks to shed light on the history of chemistry, broadly construed, and its diverse roles in society. The series is published by the University of Chicago Press.

Acquiring Editor

Karen Merikangas Darling

Series Editors

Carin Berkowitz
Angela N. H. Creager
John E. Lesch
Lawrence M. Principe
Alan Rocke
E. C. Spary

Contributors include top scholars in the history of science and a number of past fellows from the Institute’s Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry.

Victoria Lee

Cain Conference Fellow: 2023
Ullyot Scholar: 2012–2013

Michelle DiMeo

Vice President of Collections and Programs: 2022–present
Arnold Thackray Director of the Othmer Library: 2020–present
Allington Fellow: 2013–2014

Jennifer M. Rampling

Allington Fellow: 2008–2009

Lawrence M. Principe

Franklin-Lavoisier Prize Winner: 2016
Othmer Library Fellow: 2001–2002

Matthew Shindell

Haas Fellow: 2009–2010

Mathias Grote

Ullyot Scholar: 2014–2015

Benjamin Gross

Cain Fellow: 2012–2013

Jan Golinski

Cain Distinguished Fellow: 2012–2013


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