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Classroom Activities

Oh, no! You are looking at the dreaded 404 message.
This link has worked for years—what happened?

We have redesigned our website, and as part of that process, we refocused our work on what we do best: history of science. So we have removed the classroom chemistry activities because, frankly, we just borrowed them from other more authoritative sources.

However, we still have plenty of great educational material:

  • Browse our Learn section for a number of lively and informative biographies of scientists and engineers whose work has shaped modern society.
  • Organize a tour of our museum for your students or come to our events for an up-close and personal look at how science and technology influence our lives everyday.
  • Experience our digital exhibitions from anywhere in the world.
  • Check out Women in Science for thoughtful and revealing videos of a number of significant 20th-century scientists.
  • Consider adding Science Matters to your curriculum this year. The research and debate approach gives students a real understanding of the impacts (both good and bad) of man-made materials.
  • Search our digital collections, invaluable resources for the study of the history of science.

Finally, if you just can’t live without the classroom activities we used to post, all is not lost. You can find them on

Remember, the Science History Institute is much more than a source for educational materials. To find out more, visit our homepage.