Garfield Fellowships

The Garfield Fellowships are funded through gifts from the Eugene Garfield Foundation. They consist of four different awards:

Theodore and Mary Herdegen Fellowship in the History of Scientific Information
Herdegen Fellowships are available to scholars doing research in the history of the production, transmission, and/or organization of scientific information. Preference is given to fellows working in areas of chemical information.

Noshir T. Mistry Fellowship in the History of Chemical Engineering
The Mistry Fellow will investigate diverse topics in the history of chemical engineering, including chemical process engineering and chemical product engineering.

Paul Otlet Fellowship in the History of Information Science
The Otlet Fellow will conduct research that carries forth our understanding of documenting information and its role in enabling and disseminating scientific discovery. Preference is given to fellows studying information science before 1944 or the Internet, or to work that explores the political dimensions of science documentation.

Raquel and Arthur Seidel Fellowship in the History of Intellectual Property and Patents
The Seidel Fellow will work at the intersection of history of chemistry and the law in order to understand how the legal system has interacted with scientific process as it relates to discovery, patenting, commercialization, and public perception.