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From informative historical biographies and videos to iPad apps, role-playing games, and interactive timelines, discover great stories of science and the women and men behind them. Color our collections too!

Historical Biographies

Science is ultimately a human pursuit. From the earliest experiments in chemistry to recent cutting-edge research, discover the extraordinary stories of the women and men behind some of chemistry’s most important milestones.


Scientific Adventurers

These videos and television segments feature interviews with women and men whose love for science, combined with curiosity, courage, and a willingness to try, led to discoveries and innovations that changed the world.


Virtual Chemistry

Discover the lab from your tablet! Download ChemCrafter, the Institute’s iPad app that lets you build a lab to run experiments. Explore Stinks, Bangs, & Booms, an interactive timeline that takes you through the evolution of the chemistry set.


Conflicts in Chemistry: The Case of Plastics

This role-playing game teaches students to understand multiple perspectives on plastics and to recognize the complex issues facing today’s policy makers. Students debate the conflicting perspectives on plastics from all sides.



If you are a fan of both coloring and chemistry, grab those colored pencils and add your own artistic embellishments to items from the Institute’s collections of fine art, chemistry sets, alchemical illustrations, and more!