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Access Items in the Museum Collections

Fill out this form to request access to objects within the museum collections.

Institute staff, fellows, and outside researchers will need to submit the form with at least two weeks’ notice though more time is appreciated.  

Requests will be reviewed, and the collections assistant will try to accommodate all requests. There may be some instances where a request is denied, in which case the person requesting access will be notified.

Please complete this form in as much detail as possible.

Request Access to Museum Collection Items

Contact Details
Please let us know the best way we can contact you.
Request Details
List Object IDs and/or Accession Numbers below. If neither is available, please list collection name and/or describe the objects in detail. Be specific and include color, material, physical characteristics, date, and dimensions of each item.
Please tells us why you wish to access these objects.
Currently we are not able to accommodate requests to view objects at our off-site storage facility. Upon review, the collections assistant may find that the objects are part of the library, archival, or photography collections. If this is the case, your form will be forwarded to the appropriate contact in those collections.
At the Appointment
Researchers may bring pencils, notebooks, laptops, and cameras to the viewing appointment. The collections manager will provide nitrile gloves and other handling materials. Food and drink are prohibited in all collection areas and the room where you will be viewing the items.