Agnieszka’s project during her fellowship concerned the transmission of scientific information in the sixteenth century. Jumping off from the recipe collections of a family of Silesian alchemists, she mapped a lively exchange of ideas stretching from the Holy Roman Empire as far east as Vilnius and Riga. She is writing a series about these manuscripts on The Recipes Project.

Agnieszka received her PhD in medieval history from Yale University in December 2016. Her dissertation, “Transmutation in a Golden Age: Reading Alchemy in Late Medieval and Early Modern Cracow,” used the biography of an alchemical manuscript (Jagiellonian University BJ 5465) to reconstruct the community of practitioners in the Polish royal city and their ties to wider European traditions of alchemy. Previously, she received a BS in mathematics and humanities (with distinction) from Yale and spent a year as a post-bac at Center for Women in Math at Smith College.