Delanie in black suit in front of a painting at a museum

Delanie Linden

Doan Fellow

Delanie Linden is an art history doctoral candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In her dissertation she examines the impact of imported Chinese objects on French painting, pigment innovation, and color theory in late 18th- and early 19th-century France. She received her BA at the University of Michigan and her MA in art history at Southern Methodist University. Linden’s research has been supported by the Franco-American Commission’s Fulbright Open-Research Award, a Harmon Chadbourn Rorison fellowship at the Institut Français d’Amérique, among others. She has held numerous research assistantships, such as in the laboratory “Chromotope,” an ERC-funded research project at the Sorbonne and Oxford. Linden’s research has been peer-reviewed and published in The Getty Research JournalNineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, and Refract.