Isabelle Marina Held is an interdisciplinary design historian focusing on the body, materiality, science, and technology. As the Science History Institute’s Price-Doan Postdoctoral Fellow, she will be working on her forthcoming book Designing the Bombshell on the history of plastics and their relationship to the shaping of women’s bodies.

Joining the Institute from the UK, Isabelle recently graduated from the Victoria and Albert Museum and Royal College of Art’s program in history of design. Isabelle’s PhD research on plastics and women’s bodies was fully funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and supported with fellowships from institutions including the Smithsonian, and Hagley Museum and Library. She has lectured in history of design at the Royal College of Art, as well as cultural and historical studies at University of the Arts London and University for the Creative Arts. Her writing is featured in publications including Design Issues, Baron, The Towner, Under the Influence and Baroness.