Jean-Olivier Richard was born in 1986 in a suburb of Montreal, Canada. He received his bachelor’s degree of arts from Concordia University (Montreal) in 2009 and completed his PhD in the history of science and technology department at Johns Hopkins University in 2016. His dissertation, “The Art of Making Rain and Fair Weather,” explores the life and world system of the French Jesuit polymath Louis-Bertrand Castel (1688–1757), with a particular emphasis on his theory of the action of man on nature. J-O’s main areas of interest include early modern and Enlightenment natural philosophy and chemistry, encyclopedic endeavors, and the relationship between science and religion. Other interests include New France’s intellectual and military history, as well as cognitive sciences. He has published an article in the Revue d’histoire de l’Amérique Française entitled “Bougainville à la lumière de ses lectures: Les références classiques dans les Écrits sur le Canada.” In his spare time Jean-Olivier teaches tai-chi and volunteers for Action Haiti, a Quebec-based organization working with Haitian schools.