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Vaughn outdoors smiling with colorful shirt featuring rose and skull illustrations

Vaughn Tempesta

Visitor Engagement Manager

Vaughn Tempesta is the visitor engagement manager here at the Science History Institute. In this role, he helps to ensure a welcoming and positive experience for all visitors and audiences. He supports the gallery guide team in creating new tours, digital exhibitions, and interactives inspired by our scientific instrument collections. Vaughn has an educational background in science—including a BS in physics, with minors in mathematics and intersectionality from Moravian University and a research fellowship with the University of Glasgow’s Gravitational Wave Group—and enjoys engaging in the electrifying histories of science and technology at the Institute. As a music enthusiast, Vaughn also works for the Kimmel Cultural Campus, mainly for its orchestral performances, often thinking about the science of acoustics, how each instrument works, and the significance of our biological relationship to sound.