Oral History Training

The Center for Oral History at the Science History Institute provides training to individuals interested in learning oral history and research interview methodologies.

Our online workshops introduce attendees to all aspects of the interview process, including general oral history theory and methodology; in-person and remote interviewing techniques; legal and ethical issues; transcription practices; archiving; recording equipment and its use; data management; and other relevant topics. 

Oral History Training Institute attendees are encouraged to bring their research ideas for discussion and feedback. Individuals interested in doing so can participate in an optional virtual oral history interview with other attendees; a general debriefing about these experiences takes place the Friday following the end of training.

Though we use our experience interviewing scientists and engineers to inform the workshop, the content is designed for a broad audience, ages 14 and above, looking to capture history generally. Anyone interested in oral history is welcome to attend.


Monday–Thursday, 10am–1pm ET


Students: $50
Non-students: $75

All sessions are recorded (audio only) so any connection issues can be addressed.

The Science History Institute has been conducting oral history interviews for more than 30 years and has roughly 5,000 hours of recordings in its collections; it is one of the only institutions in the United States to focus its oral history work on scientists from diverse disciplinary fields. Staff members from the Center for Oral History have trained numerous individuals to create detailed and rich primary sources using interviews with those who have made contributions to the STEM fields.


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