Join us for special gallery tours and hands-on activities as part of Welcome America’s Philly Holiday Experience.

Science is all around us . . . literally! Explore the scientific marvels woven into the fabric of our daily existence, unraveling the story of our clothing’s evolution through time, and envisioning the scientific horizons that lie ahead. This family-friendly program explores the fascinating world of dyes and textiles.

Our fun, interactive activities are designed for science lovers of all ages. Try your hand at our fashion sketching activity and take an up-close look at interesting items in our handling collection relating to the colorful history of natural and synthetic dyes! 

During your visit, you can also check out our themed “drop-in” tours at 11:30am and 2pm. We will feature our “Materials for the Masses” tour, which explores the history of modern materials, with a special focus on game-changing synthetic textiles such as Nylon, Lycra, Spandex, and more. Witness how these fibers transformed our world, from fashion to medicine, spanning wartime to peacetime and beyond.

More events

diabetes medicine
February 22, 2024
Joseph Priestley Society

The GLP-1 Revolution: From Diabetes and Obesity to Alzheimer’s and PCOS

This ACS Webinar will examine possible uses of GLP-1 agonists including PCOS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s addiction, liver disease, and even some types of cancer.

woman in apron dyeing cloth in a basin
February 24, 2024

Dyes & Textiles Tour

This “drop-in” tour highlights the science of natural dyes and textiles, the technology behind synthetic clothing, and the impact of fashion on human health and the environment.

frontispiece plate of illustrations of the blood spectra
February 24, 2024
For Families

Stories of Science

Join us in our museum EVERY SATURDAY for a family-friendly program that highlights strange and surprising stories from the history of science!


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