Bugs and Bakelite buttons. Lab notes and lifesaving letters. Vaccines and vats of bright, colorful dyes. Our exhibitions explore the diverse and surprising histories behind the science that shapes our world.

The Story of Ramie: From Seed to Finished Garment

Explore the fascinating history of this natural textile through stunningly detailed watercolors illustrating each step in the ramie process.

The Science History Institute Museum is free and open to the public Wednesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm. You can also explore our digital exhibitions on Google Arts & Culture or revisit your favorite shows from the past.

bottles of chocolate flavored medicine

Poisons and Panaceas: Inside the 19th-Century Medicine Cabinet

Our current ExhibitLab uncovers the fine line between deadly and lifesaving in the world of modern medicine.

illustration of a French cafe

A Matter of Taste

The latest exhibition from our A Closer Read series examines distilling, café culture, and the science of flavor during the Enlightenment.

vials of powder paint pigments

BOLD: Color from Test Tube to Textile

Take a colorful journey through more than 150 years of synthetic dye-making.

woman and child in front of a museum exhibit

Permanent Exhibition

Explore more than 500 years of scientific inquiry into the material world.

Mine Vessel glass sculpture

Enabling Transparency

Glass artist Anna Mlasowsky examines the history of the rare earth elements and their socio-ecological impact on local communities and the environment.

Engraving from old book

The Whole of Nature and the Mirror of Art

View photo reproductions of engravings from 17th-century alchemical books.