Exploration of Morris A. Robbins, MD

Concept models and prothesis created by the orthopedic surgeon who lost his left hand as a teenager.

On view February 7, 2023–June 3, 2023
Horiba Exhibit Hall

The Science History Institute recently acquired concept models and prosthesis from the family of Morris A. Robbins (1916–2004), an orthopedic surgeon who had an accident as a teenager that left him without his left hand and with third degree burns that limited the mobility in his right hand.

His accident happened before prosthetics were widely available, so he took to designing and fabricating his own. He also wrote engineering essays and created prototypes of devices that could assist those living with physical disabilities.

This ExhibitLab looks at the personal prosthesis Robbins designed for specific uses during the surgeries he performed and for his everyday use. It also highlights some of the concept models that are based on his essays.

Exploration of Morris A. Robbins, MD was curated by the library’s Ashley Augustyniak and the museum’s Erin Gavin and Molly Sampson.

About ExhibitLab

ExhibitLab is the Science History Institute’s space in the Horiba Exhibit Hall for small, focused displays that showcase specific collections, prototype new ideas, or respond to current events. Our staff members, fellows, and school and community partners curate these displays.

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Horiba Exhibit Hall is named for Japanese businessman and 2006 Pittcon Heritage Award winner Masao Horiba (1924–2015), founder of Horiba Radio Laboratory, now Horiba Ltd., a manufacturer of advanced analytical and measurement technology.


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