Color illustration of fireworks on the Seine, ParisColor illustration of fireworks on the Seine, Paris

First Friday: Revolutionary Science

Join us for an exciting First Friday event that delves into the explosive world of fireworks and the intriguing science of the Revolutionary War!

Friday, July 5 | 5pm-7pm

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Origami paper crane made by Yoichiro ItoOrigami paper crane made by Yoichiro Ito

Lost Stories and Missed Opportunities

What we can no longer learn from Yoichiro Ito.

watercolor painting of ramie plantingwatercolor painting of ramie planting

The Story of Ramie: From Seed to Finished Garment

Stunningly detailed watercolors displayed on the Institute’s Chestnut Street façade explore the fascinating history of this natural textile.

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Collage of archival and drawn images related to dye making and drug manufacturingCollage of archival and drawn images related to dye making and drug manufacturing

Dyes, Drugs, and Psychosis

The first antipsychotic was discovered through a series of mistakes, starting with—of all things—a breakthrough dye.

gif of chemist in a lab

We tell the stories behind the science.

The Science History Institute explores lesser-known and overlooked stories from the history of science and technology. We dive deep into the history of scientific successes and failures, with a focus on expanding knowledge and broadening our understanding of how science and society intersect.

Collect. Preserve. Interpret. Share.

Through research, storytelling, public programming, and educational outreach, we reveal how science is embedded in our daily lives.


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