HISTORY This Week: The Sky Is Falling

History Channel podcast features Institute’s oral history interview with Nobel laureate and ozone savior Mario Molina.

October 18, 2021

The Science History Institute’s oral history interview with Nobel Prize-winning scientist Mario Molina (pictured left) was featured in HISTORY This Week, a podcast series produced by HISTORY (formerly the History Channel). The episode features excerpts from his 2013 interview and reveals how the Mexican chemist “contributed to our salvation from a global environmental problem that could have catastrophic consequences.”

Molina was the first to notice that chlorofluorocarbons—better known as CFCs—had the potential of destroying the Earth’s protective ozone layer. He shared the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with his mentor, Frank Sherwood Rowland, and Dutch scientist Paul Crutzen.

Listen to the podcast >>

Listen to the oral history interview >>

Above: Mario Molina (left) and Frank Sherwood Rowland at UC Irvine, January 1975. University of California, Irvine

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