American Institute of Chemists Gold Medal

AIC Gold Medalist Stephen Lippard at Heritage Day 2017

The Gold Medal is the American Institute of Chemists’ highest award, recognizing exemplary service to the science of chemistry and to the profession of chemist or chemical engineer in the United States.

The first presentation was in 1926, and over the years the medal has been presented to such luminaries as photography pioneer George Eastman and Glenn Seaborg, codiscoverer of 10 elements.

The AIC Gold Medal has been presented jointly with the Science History Institute since 2003. It is awarded at Heritage Day, our annual celebration of the achievements and promise of the sciences and technologies that shape material culture.

2018 Medalist: E. Gerald Meyer

E. Gerald Meyer, emeritus professor of chemistry and dean of arts and sciences at the University of Wyoming, received the 2018 AIC Gold Medal on Heritage Day on May 9, 2018.

E. Gerald Meyer’s career spans seven decades, during which he has been chemist, professor, academic leader, businessman, public servant, and science visionary. He is an emeritus professor of chemistry and dean of arts and sciences at the University of Wyoming and also served as the vice president of research there. Meyer launched and nurtured graduate studies and research programs first at New Mexico Highlands University in the 1950s and 1960s and then beginning in 1963 at Wyoming, guiding generations of chemistry graduates into productive industrial and academic careers. He has authored 14 patents, 3 books, and numerous papers and presentations with a long list of student coauthors.

During a sabbatical year Meyer worked on research projects at Diamond Shamrock Company, and he has consulted for a host of chemical companies. He is managing partner for Coal to Chemical Technologies, which is developing his process for “cracking” coal rather than burning it. While in the navy during World War II, he was assigned to the Naval Research Laboratory.

Meyer served as a past president of the AIC and spent 27 years on the ACS National Council. He was a founder of the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences, over the years serving as its national president and its secretary-treasurer. He helped establish and chaired the Rocky Mountain Regional ACS Meeting and is a fellow of the ACS, AIC, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 2006 he received the ACS Award for Volunteer Service. He advocates for the public understanding of science and scientists, and is optimistic that science’s role in society will continue to grow.

Meyer has served on the Laramie City Council and on bank and civic boards, and participates in the Senior Olympics. He received BS and MS degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and a PhD from the University of New Mexico.

Previous Winners of the AIC Gold Medal

The AIC Gold Medal has been presented jointly with the Science History Institute since 2003. In that time the medalists have been

  • Stephen Lippard (2017)
  • Chad Mirkin (2016)
  • Jacqueline Barton (2015)
  • Ronald Breslow (2014)
  • John D. Roberts (2013)
  • Elizabeth Blackburn (2012)
  • Dudley Herschbach (2011)
  • Robert Grubbs (2010)
  • Oliver Smithies (2009)
  • Paul Berg (2008)
  • Walter Gilbert (2008)
  • George Whitesides (2007)
  • Roald Hoffmann (2006)
  • Robert L. McNeil Jr. (2005)
  • Carl Djerassi (2004)
  • Ralph Hirschmann (2003)

For a full list of winners of the AIC Gold Medal going back to 1926, visit the AIC’s website.

About the American Institute of Chemists (AIC)

From its earliest days in 1923 to the present, the American Institute of Chemists has fostered the advancement of the chemical profession in the United States.

The AIC has a corresponding dedication “to promote and protect the public welfare; to establish and maintain standards of practice for these professions; and to promote the professional experience through certification as to encourage competent and efficient service.”