Recommendations for the Regulation of Plastic Waste

Health Group

Prepared in Advance of the Environmental Protection Agency Hearing

Main Concerns of the Health Group:

  • Plastics must be proven safe before use. They should not be assumed safe until proven otherwise, and the public has the right to know as much as possible about the potential toxicity of plastics.

  • Plastic trash and waste from plastic production in the environment are major toxicity concerns for human and animals.

  • The government should create and enforce laws that hold producers of plastics accountable for the safety of their products for consumers and in the environment.

Recommendations Based on Health Group Concerns:

  • All plastics must be proven safe through scientific study rather than assumed safe. Plastics not proven safe must carry a warning label notifying consumers of potential toxicity.

  • Producers are responsible for proving the safety of plastics, plasticizers, and additives. All studies must be approved, verified, and assessed by a third-party evaluator.

  • Producers are responsible for the clear and accurate labeling of their products to reflect their safety status.

  • Plastics, plasticizers, and other additives determined to be unsafe will be banned and must be immediately removed from all consumer products at producer expense.

  • Producers will provide the Environmental Protection Agency with up-to-date information for an online consumer database of potentially toxic products, including the status of safety studies along with safety information and guidelines for consumers.

  • Producers must educate consumers about the potential health risks of plastics.

  • Producers must study the effects of plastic debris and waste products from plastic production on environmental and human health, and comply with stricter environmental controls for production and recycling facilities.

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