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Dolly Jørgensen

Cain Conference Fellow

Dolly Jørgensen is a professor of history at the University of Stavanger, Norway (UiS). She is a coeditor in chief of the journal Environmental Humanities and codirects The Greenhouse Center for Environmental Humanities at UiS. Her current research agenda focuses on cultural histories of animal extinction and recovery, particularly the implications of extinction for cultural heritage and museum practices. Her book Recovering Lost Species in the Modern Age: Histories of Longing and Belonging was published by MIT Press in 2019. She has published widely in environmental history and environmental humanities, including four coedited volumes: New Natures: Joining Environmental History with Science and Technology Studies (2013); Northscapes: History, Technology & the Making of Northern Environments (2013); Visions of North in Premodern Europe (2018); and Silver Linings: Clouds in Art & Science (2020).

With Jeremy A. Greene (The Johns Hopkins University) and Victoria Lee (Ohio University), and Amy Slaton (Drexel University), Dolly organized the 2023 Gordon Cain Conference, “Embedded Connections: Science in Humanities, Humanities in Science.”

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Science in Humanities, Humanities in Science: Embedded Connections

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