Kodak brand Brownie Holiday Flash camera; Dakon plastic lens with rotary shutter; molded brown and tan Bakelite body; three metal sockets on right side of the camera body meant for mounting flash bulb; braided cord carrying strap.

Matthew Lorenz

Digital Content Producer

Matt is the digital content producer for the Science History Institute’s museum and library. He creates films and multimedia exhibits that tell the stories behind the science.

Matt previously worked as the chief projectionist at the Franklin Institute’s Tuttleman IMAX Theater. For the past 20 years, he has performed and produced films, as well as stage plays and performance art within the Philadelphia theater community. He received a degree in performing arts from Temple University, and for 10 years served as co-artistic director of Found Theater Company.

Featured image from our digital collections:
Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Camera, 1954–1962.