Rebecca Jackson is a historian and philosopher of science and medicine with a particular interest in clinical measurement methodology, as well as history and philosophy of measurement more broadly. As a long-term fellow at the Science History Institute, she will continue her dissertation research on four cases of successful patient-centric and non-standard clinical measuring practices from the 19th century to current debates.

Jackson is a PhD candidate in history and philosophy of science and medicine at Indiana University, Bloomington. Before joining the Beckman Center, she was the John C. Slater Predoctoral Fellow in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine at the American Philosophical Society (2021–2022). Her educational background includes an MA in history and philosophy of science and medicine, a graduate minor in statistics from Indiana University, and a dual BA in mathematics and creative writing from Ball State University. She has published an article on the history of the “drop” as a fluid unit in the 19th century in Perspectives on Science (November 2021).