Republication Guidelines

Using Our Content

Thank you for your interest in the Science History Institute’s materials. You are welcome to republish and redistribute our Distillations articles, podcast episodes, videos, Collections Blog posts, and Scientific Biographies (our “content”) free of charge, so long as you follow these guidelines. By republishing our content, you agree to these terms, our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Use. The Science History Institute reserves the right to revoke republication permission at any time and for any reason.

When It’s OK to Republish

We support the use of our content for a wide range of purposes:

  • Non-commercial purposes: We follow the Creative Commons definition of non-commercial purposes, meaning uses which are not “primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or monetary compensation.” We encourage republication by teachers, professors, or other educators or by schools, colleges, universities, or museums, so long as it’s a not-for-profit use.
  • News purposes: By this we mean use in a newspaper, magazine, blog, or website whose primary intention is to inform the public. This includes trade magazines and publications that charge a subscription, employ a paywall, or have advertising next to their news coverage.

You may not suggest that the Science History Institute is offering an endorsement of you or your organization. You may not use our content in any fundraising communications.

This is a license to use our content in its original form, with certain permitted alterations outlined below. You may not edit, build upon, or repackage our content. You may not sell or redistribute our content to publishers or other third parties.

Frequency of Republication

You are welcome to republish 12 or fewer pieces of our content in a calendar year. If you are interested in regularly republishing Science History Institute content or would like to repurpose our content for a special project, please contact us at

How It Works

We’ve tried to make sharing our content as easy and streamlined as possible. When you click on the “Republish” button found on content pages, you will be given a simple way to copy the HTML and paste it on your site. We have preformatted the material for you. If you want to deviate from this formatting, you must follow the guidelines stated on this page.

Provide Proper Credits

Do not misrepresent our content as your own. We must be listed as the original source, and you must link to the original URL. Specifically, credit should be listed as follows for online uses:

  • When republishing articles, you must credit Distillations, the Science History Institute, and the authors.
  • When republishing videos and podcast episodes, you must reproduce production credits.
  • When republishing our Scientific Biographies, you must credit the Science History Institute.
  • When republishing our blog posts, you must credit the Science History Institute and include the author at the top.

If you are republishing our material in print, follow the preferred crediting format: 

  • Article post byline: Author name(s), Distillations, Science History Institute, 
  • Blog post byline: Author name(s), Science History Institute,
  • Scientific Biography credit: Originally published by the Science History Institute,

When posting about republished content on social media, please tag us @scihistoryorg

Do Not Edit

Do not edit stories except to reflect changes in time or to match your publication’s editorial style guide. For example, if your publication follows the AP Stylebook, you may make alterations to match that style guide. Cuts or additions to the content are not permitted. 

You may use your own titles, summaries, images, and captions as long as these changes do not alter the intent of the original publication.

You must include all links from the original publication.

If you’re interested in republishing our content in another language, get in touch with us at


Aggregation of our content and running the first few lines of our materials are allowed as long as we are credited and linked to.

Image Copyright

This license does not apply to images within our content pages. It is your responsibility to procure appropriate image rights.

Pixel Tag

You must include our republication tracker, called a “pixel tag.” The tag lets us know who is sharing our content and how much traffic it receives. You will not need to take any extra steps if you use our Republish button; it is included in the HTML.

Any Questions and Keep in Touch

Are there situations in which you wish to use our content that are not covered here? Contact us at


    Copy the above HTML to republish this content. We have formatted the material to follow our guidelines, which include our credit requirements. Please review our full list of guidelines for more information. By republishing this content, you agree to our republication requirements.