SCI Gordon E. Moore Medal

The Gordon Moore Medal is the premier recognition for early-career success in innovation, as reflected both in market impact and improvement to quality of life.

As a research chemist and then director of R&D, Gordon Moore carried out pioneering work on silicon transistors, the integrated circuit, semiconductor computer memory, and the microprocessor—while well under the age of 45. The Moore Medal, which bears his name, honors similarly talented young scientists.

It is presented by the Society of Chemical Industry each year during Innovation Day.

2020 Medalist: Wei Wang

Wei Wang is a research associate at PPG Industries, a global supplier of paints, coatings, and specialty materials. He started his career there in 2010, working in the polymer synthesis, process innovation, and coating formulation groups. He is the co-inventor of several innovative technologies at PPG, including new solvent and water-based polymer dispersion technologies for automotive coatings; sound-dampening coatings with broader effective temperature ranges and 100% solids content; and a new polymer platform for low temperature, cure-based products with novel polymer functionality and structure.

In 2016, Wang worked closely with the PPG research and development team in Europe to develop a low-temperature cure coating (LTC), where the baking temperature was reduced from 140°C to 105°C. Successfully launched in 2017, the LTC technology was a finalist for the R&D 100 Award in 2018. He is currently focusing on developing novel polymer functionality and structure design for broader low-temperature cure applications.

Wang earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Zhejiang University in China and a PhD in chemical engineering from Queen’s University in Canada, where his main academic research focused on polymer reaction engineering. He has published 16 journal articles and holds 21 granted and pending US patents.

Previous Winners of the Gordon E. Moore Medal

  • John Sworen (2019)
  • Steven Swier (2018)
  • Melinda Keefe (2017)
  • Abhishek Roy (2016)
  • John A. McCauley (2015)
  • Andrew Taggi (2014)
  • Jerzy Klosin (2013)
  • Dean Rende (2012)
  • Doron Levi (2011)
  • Emmett Crawford (2010)
  • Emma Parmee (2009)
  • Edmund M. Carnahan (2008)
  • Paul A. Sagel (2007)
  • Jonathan M. McConnachie (2006)
  • Jeffrey John Hale (2005)
  • George Barclay (2004)

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