Distillations podcast

Deep Dives into Science Stories, Both Serious and Eccentric

Early Science & Alchemy

Science in all its strangeness before the 18th century

Painting of Greek goddess Aurora, draped in fabric and holding the reins of a white horse, as she gazes at the mortal Tithonus.
Early Science & Alchemy

Chasing Immortality

Since humans have been living—and inevitably dying—we’ve also been trying to figure out how not to die. Or at least how to keep the party going a little longer.

Cropped image of a letter in Lady Ranelagh's handwriting. There is slight discoloration and yellowing around where the paper was folded.
Early Science & Alchemy

The Almost Forgotten Story of Katherine Jones, Lady Ranelagh

The woman beside the father of chemistry.

Painting of two men in an alchemical laboratory examining a flask.
Early Science & Alchemy

Science and the Supernatural in the 17th Century

Travel back in time with us and find out what the world was like when science and the supernatural weren’t so far apart.