This First Friday, science fiction meets March Madness: step into a world filled with twisted experiments, humorous discoveries, and mind-bending fun!

Join us for an unforgettable evening that explores the bizarre side of science. Our educators will unravel the connections between static electricity generators, Mary Shelley, peptide synthesizers, Kurt Vonnegut’s player pianos, and the mysterious world of Ada Lovelace and computers!

Witness strange sights and extraordinary discoveries, try Mad Science MadLibs, identify mysterious instruments that will spark your imagination, don white lab coats, grab quirky props, goggles, wigs, and more! You’ll capture the essence of the madness with our sci-fi-inspired photo booth. What strange concoctions will you create? 

Throughout the night, you’ll also get a chance to vote for your favorite fictional mad scientists in each round of our Mad Science Bracket. It’ll be an evening of laughter, awe, thrills, chills, and scientific mayhem!

About First Fridays

Spark your curiosity while exploring the exhibits after hours! First Fridays bring together a myriad of activities covering everyday science, historical oddities, and everything in between. Grab your friends, and kick off an evening of discovery, surprise, and a little nerdy fun.

First Fridays at the Institute are always free and open to the public. Attendees will receive a 10% discount to National Mechanics restaurant.

Featured image: Still from Metropolis, 1927, directed by Fritz Lang.

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