Best of Distillations #11

In this episode of Distillations, we revisit a couple of tasteful segments from the past season.

Episode 179 | August 5, 2013

Episode 179: Best of Distillations #11 by Distillations Podcast

It’s that time of year again where we dive into our archives and bring back some of our favorite segments from the past year. First we travel to Austin’s South by Southwest Festival from the show Hard to Stomach. Producer Lindsay Patterson takes a sniff at a public science experiment in which participants donated a few things they could do without. Say human cheese! Next, Mary Harris discovers that taste cells don’t just live on tongues. What do these cells get up to in the rest of the human body? Find out in this feature from our show, In Good Taste.


Our theme music is composed and performed by Andrew Chalfen. Additional music includes “Bad Meat or Good Cheese?” by The Vanes (Music Alley); “Great Green Gobs,” from Goobers: A Collection of Kids Songs, 1994, by Penn Jillette; “Drive and Vlog,” by Nalts (Music Alley); “Sugar on My Tongue,” by Talking Heads; “You Got Good Taste,” by The Cramps; movie clip from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

For more information on South by South Swab participants’ personalized armpit cheese, visit