Today’s show explores two very different ways people hope to protect future harvests.

Episode 132 | October 14, 2011

Episode 132: Harvest by Distillations Podcast

The subjects of today’s show have a clear mission: protect future harvests from the dangers of natural and manmade disasters. Contributing to this cause are researchers the Svalbard Global Seed Vault—also known as the Doomsday Vault—where plants from all around the world have their genetic material stored. Next, we meet Miguel Santistevan as he revives his ancestors’ farming techniques, which are still incredibly effective in the harsh, dry climate where he lives.

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01:18 Doomsday Vault
05:12 Desert Harvest
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Special thanks to Bob Kenworthy and Mia Lobel for researching today’s show. 

Our theme music is composed by Dave Kaufman. Additional music from Music Alley. This includes “Laws of the Desert,” by DAS, “Disappearing Feeling,” by Elin Kaaven, :Desert Dawning,” by IF, “Rain in the Desert,” by Little Red King, “Taos Dance,” by Emily Jones, and “Desert Sunset,” by Broken Theremin.

Image courtesy of Mari Tefre/Svalbard Globale Seed Vault.